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The King of The Cooler Returns – Peak Releases 2016 Summer Session Ale

PORTLAND, MAINE  (May 19th, 2016)  –  If Peak is said to have a cult following, it’s likely due to the brewery’s Summer offering – Summer Session. Peak has released Summer Session for 5 straight years, each iteration showcasing the unique qualities of that years’ hop harvest. A kolsch-style wheat beer, Summer Session combines the crispness and drinkability of a wheat beer with the bright, citrus aromatics of a West-Coast pale ale. It’s everything you could ever want in a porch-drinking, boat-lounging, or beach-going beer – aroma, flavor, and crispness.

This year’s Summer Session boasts the biggest aroma and cleanest body yet. With Amarillo as a hop varietal, brewer Jon Cadoux showcases a terrifically pungent grapefruit aroma backed by soft floral notes. And as more of the hop profile is showcased through the dry-hop additions this year, the body of Summer Session is a touch lighter and cleaner. Clocking in at 4.9% ABV, Summer Session is the ideal session beer for every Summer occasion.

“Every year we’re just so excited to see May come around, the day we release Summer Session is like Christmas morning for us at Peak,” commented founder/brewer Jon Cadoux. “Just picture yourself in the backyard with the smell of the grill firing, or kicking back on the beach with your toes raking through the sand. We brew Summer Session thinking of every Summer moment where you need that crisp, refreshing beer in your hand – that first sip each year you just know, Summer is back.”

Summer Session is available now in draft, bottles, and 12-pack cans, and will run through August. Reach out to Peak on Facebook ( or check out our “Beer Finder” app on our website (Peak Organic Brewery: Our Brews) to find a location pouring Summer Session near you.


About Peak Organic Brewing:

Peak is a craft brewing company, dedicated to making delicious beer using local and organic ingredients. We believe that pure ingredients simply taste better. Our mission is to revolutionize the barley, wheat and hop supply chains – stimulating a large increase in sustainable and local growing.  Our organic farmers grow the best ingredients in the world.  It’s our job to showcase their work through delicious beer.

Today, Peak produces 25 varieties, including IPA, Fresh Cut, Summer Session, Simcoe Spring, High Note, Hop Harvest Oktoberfest, Winter Session, Hop Noir, Hop Blanc, Pale Ale, The Local Series (NY, MA, NY and ME), Oak Aged Mocha Stout, Nut Brown, Amber, The Maple Collaboration, Espresso Amber, King Crimson Imperial Red, Pomegranate Wheat, Weiss Principal Imperial Hefeweizen, Nitro Stout, White Nitro, Super Fresh, Ginger Saison, Citrus Saison, and Holiday Saison.

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