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We created Peak Organic beers to celebrate life's peak moments, and we offer you the opportunity to share these times with others on our website. You'll also have the opportunity to have your story featured in our e-newsletter and on our packaging. Anyone can submit their peak experience, and it only takes a few minutes. We hope you enjoy viewing and rating these peak experiences.

In celebration of the peak moments of your life, we offer you the opportunity to share those times on our website. Anyone over 21 can submit their peak experience, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

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I enjoy only the best beers but my kitty Hiro only approves of peak organic. She tries to open the bottle herself every single time I buy them.

— Karen, Nashua, NH

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Molly waited for her day in the snow while we enjoyed a Peak Winter Session

— Donna Panzarino, South Hempstead, NY

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Made it to an awesome spot in Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately, no beer allowed. Celebrated later, though!

— Jim Colyer, Tyrone, PA

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Finishing off a New England fall day with a Peak Organic Maple Collaboration!

— Chris Gerber, Dover, NH

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Enjoying a Summer Session on a late summer’s evening at Jones Beach, NY

— Donna Panzarino, South Hempstead, NY

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Jon Mancuso Photography


— Jonathan D’Auria, Tucson, AZ

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Enjoying the view from the middle of nowhere. Always a Peak experience.

— Jonathan D’Auria, Inyo, CA

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Danielle enjoying a peak pale ale on a summer evening by the lake with Vic the dog

— Curt Chaput, Waterville, ME

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This faithful companion waited in Montauk, NY while his master purchased some Summer Session Ale to celebrate the catch of the day!

— Donna Panzarino, South Hempstead, NY

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Took 1 for the Team.Tripped while bringing beer to friends. ER, plastic surgeon, black eye.  Beer survived; friends loved  it.

Marie Hagen, Washington, DC

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Jon Mancuso Photography

Drinking Peak the day before our wedding and playing lawn games. Perfect

— Brit, Brooklyn, NY

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Our 1 year old rescue dog named Molly spotted this beauty on our deck. I was lucky to get this shot so we celebrated with a cold Summer Session.

— Donna Panzarino, South Hempstead, NY

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Enjoying a Peak on the side of I-93 en route to Mt. Jefferson for a day off from Camp Belknap, with Bogie Foden, Ethan Hirshberg and Stu Johnson

— Henry McNamara, Brunswick, ME

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A gorgeous Indian summer fall afternoon in Vermont

— Charles Macintosh, NYC, NY

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A glass of the “Vice Principal” at Lily Bistro in Rockland on my 10th wedding anniversary.

— Rob Friesel, Essex Junction, VT

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That’s what joy looks like.

— Sam Gaines, Stowe, VT

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Grabbin’ a cold one with Dad after a long day at work!

— Dave Demeo, Topsham, ME

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On top of Black Tusk in Garibaldi Provincial Park in British Columbia.

— Ryan Anderson, Queens, NY

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I adore the summer, swimming, and most of all – my two rescue dogs Spanky and Ilsa. We snuck onto a beach in CT and the three of us went swimming!

— Liz Hoffmann, Fairfield, CT

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