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Local Ingredients

At Peak, working with local farms and artisan businesses has always been an important philosophy for us.  Also, we simply believe that our local partners make tastier ingredients for us to brew with.  Scroll through this section to see some of the local farmers and partners that we are proud to work with.


We’ve been excited to help stimulate a resurgence in locally grown hops.  Here is a fun video that we made during last year’s hop harvest.

Elm Hill Farm

Our good friend Arthur owns Elm Hill Farm in Monroe, Maine.  Arthur has been growing delicious, organic Maine hops for years now.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Arthur has a keen eye for quality and it shines through in his hops.  Check out more here.

Valley Malt

Valley Malt is a husband and wife team, dedicated to the malting of organic and locally grown grains.  Their malting process allows for local grains to be used in our beers.  Check out more here.

Coffee By Design

CBD makes handcrafted micro roasted coffees in Portland, Maine.  We’ve had a long-term, wonderful addiction to their coffees and their ethos, so we decided to partner with them on fun beers like Peak Espresso Amber and Peak Oak-Aged Mocha Stout.  Learn more about them here.

Climbing Bines

Climbing Bines is dedicated to growing premium New York State grown hops for the Northeast brewing industry. Their practices are rooted in the philosophy of sustainable agricultural and environmental consciousness, and they are a TON of fun to pick hops with.  See more here.


GrandyOats makes tasty organic granola, trail mix and roasted nuts. Made in a 1910 dairy barn in western Maine, all their products are organic and made by hand.  We’ve had a blast using their oats in our Maple Collaboration beer over the years.  Check out GrandyOats here.

Four Star Farms

The L’Etoile family has been farming in the Pioneer Valley for more than 20 years. They are proud to produce locally grown grains, hops, herbs and sod.  Four Star has a dedication to sustainability, as evidenced by their impressive solar display (pictured).  Their products are used by some of the most distinguished restaurants in the area, as well as by brewers like us.  Learn more here.

Taza Chocolate

Chocolate is one of our favorite things in the world, and we’ve had an unabashed love affair with Taza for many years.   We decided to consummate the relationship with our collaborative beer, Oak-Aged Mocha Stout.  Taza is dedicated to the craft of organic, bean-to-bar chocolate that is good for farmers and seriously delicious. They are the only producers of 100% stone ground, artisan chocolate in the US.   Learn more about them here.

Aurora Mills

Aurora Mills is a family-owned farm located in Linneus, Maine.  They grow organic grains and mill stone ground organic whole wheat flour and organic rolled oats. Over the years, we’ve been delighted to use their grains in our beers.  Learn more about Aurora Mills here.

Butternut Mountain Farm

Located on a hillside 1,000 ft above the village of Johnson, Vermont is the 600 acre tree farm that the Marvin family has stewarded for more than half a century.  We love the sharp-sweetness and mouthfeel that their syrup gives to our Maple Collaboration.  Learn more about Butternut here.

Chefs Collaborative

Chefs Collaborative works with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply. The Collaborative inspires action by helping chefs make knowledgeable, sustainable purchasing decisions. We partnered with Chef’s Collaborative on our Maple Collaboration beer.  Learn more about Chef’s Collaborative here.

Addison Hop Farm

Our friend Kris Anderson started Addison Hop Farm in 2010 with the mission of creating high quality organic hops in Vermont.  Kris has been a quick student of the game and is growing some very impressive hops already.  We are excited to continue working with him.  See more here.

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA is a non-profit certifier for Fair Trade products.  Their mission is to promote fair prices for farmers, safe working conditions, and healthy communities.  We’ve learned a lot by working with Fair Trade USA and are proud to have been the first “Fair Trade” certified beer ever brewed in the U.S.  Learn more about them here.

Clear Brook Farm

Clear Brook, in Shaftsbury, Vermont, is entering its 18th season.  With over 25 acres of certified organic land, they grow a wide variety of products.  Last year, we purchased certified organic barley from them and are excited about continuing the partnership into the future.  Learn more about them here.

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